About Us

With adequate experience of building, ‘value for money’, homes. Most of our customers have placed strong confidence in the personalized service that we give. As a result we built a number of livable homes.


For us, Customer is King. Frankly we donot fail in keeping up promise of our committed dates / schedules for delivery of the homes, our clients procure from us. Our efforts towards quality, after sale service, are something to be experienced. You could meet any of our existing clients to confidentially ascertain their opinion, before you decide to become our customer.

We have two types of customers who repose trust in our dealings. At Karthikeyan Foundations we deliver what we promise and do not offer excuses / explanations. When you need our assistance, we are there.

The two types of customers are:-

a) Those who enter into a Joint Venture with us.
b) Those who only buy the home.


The Joint Venture aspect is the most important thing in construction and promotion of flats/homes.

Our clients will testify to our unstinted and transparent dealings.

Every single Joint Venture client is like a “Guardian Angel”.We cherish each others relationship.

For those who only buy the flat/home we ensure that we offer all assistance from servicing finances and ensuring individual needs.

Meet us,Trust us and we will give flexible solutions to your need for a comfortable and enjoyable home.


To adhere to principles of INTEGRITY, TRANSPARENCY, RELIABILITY and QUALITY workmanship.


Karthikeyan Foundations have a proven track record and are committed to performance and result. To this end we are ready to a ‘one on one’ discussion with our existing clients, who will vouch for our quality.


A home is a lifetime investment; you may change a car, clothing or jewellery.But, a home is one that is your pride possession for life, sometimes through generations.

Therefore before taking a decision please give us an opportunity to be a part of that important and ‘once in a life time’ decision making.

Whether it is a Joint Venture or Outright purchase of homes we at Karthikeyan Foundations are open to fulfill your wishes and dreams.

Talk to us and we will Initiate interaction with our existing customers, to enable you get the best opportunity, to assess our capacity to instill confidence in you.